“Everything happening, great or small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message” (Malcolm Muggeridge).

The art of life is to get the message—yes. And to do that, we have to delete the spam. God is everywhere and can speak through everything, but that doesn’t mean that everything speaking is God. If we had to accept every fortune cookie and popup ad as Truth, we’d lose our bearings, not to mention our sanity.

And yet God is here. His gaze is on us. He has something particular to say, and he uses creative means to catch our attention.

My attention was caught last week as I drove down Highway 94 heading east into Minneapolis. I was talking aloud to God, reminding him of our need for money. I said, “God, I know money is not what life is all about, but this is a serious need. Do you care? Do you care?”

Just at that instant I noticed a billboard. The huge black letters at the bottom said 1-800-I-Do-Care. I laughed for the next 10 miles.

This message had two indicators of a true revelation: It was consistent with Scripture, and the timing was ridiculously perfect.

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I am a Christian thinker, reader, and writer, who never travels without chocolate. See the “About” page for details.

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  1. Hope Squires says:

    I love this! You had a real Bruce Almighty moment (referring to the Jim Carrey movie when he’s asking God for a sign while driving behind a swerving truck full of road caution signs). What a blessing. Thanks for sharing your story.


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