Come Strain Your Brain with Me

I’m looking for a few good friends.

In particular, I’m looking for people who want to exercise their brains with a memory challenge. You might want to learn a verse of scripture or a poem or an inspirational quotation.

The idea is to achieve these three benefits:
1. We’ll strengthen our mental muscles to keep our brains at peak performance
2. We’ll enrich our souls by learning beautiful and wise words “by heart”
3. We’ll brighten our outlook by being able to call to mind words that remind us who we are and who God is and how we want to live

Looking for something worth memorizing?
Here’s one possibility. I’ve collected 26 verses and inspirational quotes, each featuring a key word that includes a different letter of the alphabet. The alphabet then provides an easy way to access the words you’ve memorized. This alphabet wisdom collection is available on my Free Resources page. Or you can order a set of 26 colored postcards with the verses printed over a beautiful floral watercolor by Mary Ann Simmons. Each of the 26 verses will also be the topic of an entry here in the “Wisdom Memory Collection” category of this blog.

Also on the Free Resources page, you’ll find a short article outlining a strategy for mastering one verse per week.

We blog to know we are not alone.

Friends, let me know I’m not alone in my efforts to weave wisdom, wit, and wonder into my mind. Reply and tell me what you are memorizing.

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I am a Christian thinker, reader, and writer, who never travels without chocolate. See the “About” page for details.

4 Responses to "Come Strain Your Brain with Me"

  1. Marcie Stokman says:

    I’ve started this journey to memorize Tracey’s Wisdom Collection. How am I doing? Well I’m on D…diligence! It is only a little bit each week but I am encouraged because it is more than I have memorized in a long time and the system proposed is working for me. I enjoy the quotes although I may replace a few with selections of my own as I go. Even small steps toward something worth while brings a sense of satisfaction. Last week when I went into my teenage boys messy room I said from memory the C quote by Marilyn Gardner-“Clutter is simply delayed decisions. Having systems in place makes it easier to make decisions.” What a strange look the boys gave me but they did begin picking up books and socks! Thanks for this program Tracey!

    • Tracey says:

      Thanks, Marcie! It’s great when wise words spring to mind to help us respond to life positively and proactively. I’m so glad this collection is blessing you. And I like that you are going to personalize it by replacing some of the selections with quotes or verses you are drawn to. It’s much easier to “own” words we love.

  2. Teri Hyrkas says:

    Hi Tracey ~ I think you idea is terrific! I would like to buy one of your Wisdom Collections.Would you happen to have one on hand?

    I want to encourage my grandchildren to memorize things,also. This year,I will ask them to memorize something and recite it as their Christmas gift to me. I will let them pick something out,but will also offer the Wisdom Colletion as a resource, so I may need more than one.

    Thanks for this wondrful suggestion! Have you picked something to memorize, Tracey?

    • Tracey says:

      Hi Teri, I love your idea of asking your grandchildren to memorize something as a Christmas gift to you.
      Yes, I’ve got collections on hand and will keep them in my car for whenever I run into you–both the women’s collection and the kids’ collection.
      I’m working on the mastering the alphabet collection. Most of the verses and quotes I chose were ones I had worked on before, but a few are new. This week I’m working on T-THINK. It feels like such a treasure to be increasing the wise words that I “own.”


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