I think they’re on to something

Everyone wants to change the world, but how many people are actually doing something about it?

Quite a few people, it turns out. Certainly more than I’ll ever know. But knowing about people who actively live out their faith inspires me to do the same, so I’m always glad to discover modern-day saints. I just learned about some people who have a whole new idea of how to help neighbors in need, and I’d like to introduce them to you.

Actually, Francis Chan was a familiar name. I read his book Crazy Love (David C. Cook, 2008) last spring when it was required reading for my son and the rest of the missions team as they prepared to go to Nicaragua. Here’s one thought that stuck with me from that book: We say, “God, why do you let so many people in this world live in poverty and misery?” God says, “I might ask you the same question.”

I didn’t know what an interesting approach Chan was taking to live out his convictions until I got a freelance writing assignment to interview two of his friends–Roger and Maite Huang.

Roger Huang was born in Taiwan and knew poverty as a child. He can remember going a full week without a meal. When he was 15, his family moved to San Francisco and enrolled him in school even though he didn’t understand a word of English. Somehow he got an education and a good job and he married a wonderful woman. Then one day his car got a flat tire in the middle of the inner city on his way home from work, and the door to his destiny swung open. What happened over the next 29 years is the subject of the article I wrote this week for International Ministerial Fellowship’s Gathering magazine. Roger, his wife Maite, their grown children, a few almost-grown grandchildren, and lots of friends are the faces behind San Francisco City Impact (www.sfcityimpact.com). In this YouTube video, Francis Chan explains their latest brainchild. It’s the result of such outside-the-box thinking that even Steve Jobs would have been impressed.

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2 Responses to "I think they’re on to something"

  1. Teri Hyrkas says:

    Amazing! I fnd it inspiring that the Huang’s have been continually serving this neighbirhood for 29 years That is faithfulness! Great story, Tracey- thanks for posting.

  2. Beverly Johnston says:

    Super! A church in the Atlanta area (along the lines of Willow Creek in Chicago) has a ministry of giving without expectation of receiving. Last Saturday they gave away free food at the Gwinnett Braves stadium and shut down traffic on a major highway for two hours because of the response. Next year I’m sure they’ll divide up the distribution centers or choose less busy traffic times, but nonetheless, what they are doing is Radical!


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