Lynn Cowell Offers Help for Teen Girls

Friends, I met Lynn Cowell at the She Speaks Conference last July and was inspired by her ministry to teen girls and their moms. I’m honored to have her as a guest on my blog. Here’s her message:

As she walked through the door I could see the pain in her eyes. I knew she was trying to be tough, but the dam broke and the flood of tears streamed. “The kids on the bus called me Shrek today”.  Being 5’11” in fifth grade was brutal for my daughter. The words that often taunted her began to reflect on her physically. Slouching made her feel shorter; while food became her comfort.

Middle school; if only they could skip this sometimes cruel season.

We may not be able to make a way for our daughters to avoid these tough years, but we can be there to help them come out successful.

Looking for approval, affirmation and acceptance is normal. We all have the desire to be wanted. I really don’t think it ever goes away. I mean, isn’t that at least part of the reason as women we dye our hair, work out at the gym and try to hold back on our Oreo intake?

Would you believe God made us this way?

God created each one of us to crave approval, affirmation and acceptance. To many this would be described as love. But too often our little girls begin early to look for this love from a boy. Love from a guy, though, can never fill the love gap in our hearts. Whether it is a dad, boyfriend or even a husband one day, they just don’t have what it takes to fill our need for love.

The Guy Detour is one I see lots of young women take and it comes up younger and younger on the path. When the fork in the road appears ahead, girls often take the path that promises happiness the quickest. Yet it usually delivers pain the fastest.

There is only One guy that offers unconditional, perfect love…

Only one.

Jesus .

He is the one guy who brings true confidence, security and truth.

Our girls need to hear the truth of how Jesus sees them: “All beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” Song of Solomon 4:7

How did you feel when you read those words? Beautiful? No flaw? Powerful, aren’t they? These are the words we can pour into the hearts of our daughters.

Just imagine if you had discovered this truth, that Jesus was crazy about you and could meet every love need you had, when you were 13, 16 or 19? How would your life have been different? What things would you have decided to do? What things would you have not done? Fear and insecurity would have been replaced with love and confidence.

You can be the one to bring this truth to a young woman. Whether she is your daughter, granddaughter or the girl next door, Jesus wants to use you to bring the news of His unconditional love to that hurting girl.

Let Jesus use you to bring revolutionary love to change a girl’s life for eternity!

In “His Revolutionary Love,” Lynn Cowell helps teen girls and their moms:

  • Create confidence that leads to a higher self-esteem by discovering Christ’s radical, life-altering love.
  • Replace loneliness, rejection, and pain with acceptance, affirmation, and approval.
  • Make wise choices that lead to a fruitful future, rather than becoming a victim to emotionally-based decisions.
  • Shift faith in Jesus from just a parental influence to a personal, growing relationship.
  • Learn how to discern the voice and will of God.
  • Develop and stick to boundaries that protect the heart, mind, and body.
  • Communicate with guys and other girlfriends in a manner that’s healthy and positive.

 Stop by Lynn’s site at for a free leadership guide! This guide will help you to connect to the young women in your life with thought provoking questions and practical how-to tools!


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