N-Never (The Mouse Who Was Not Overcome)

“Jesus did not say you will never have a rough passage, you will never be over-strained, you will never feel uncomfortable; but He did say you will never be overcome.”

These words from Julian of Norwich came to mind yesterday when my daughter Betsy emailed me the bedtime story she had made up the previous evening:

Once upon a time on a cold winter night when there was one star in the sky, a little mouse peeped out from his hole and walked crunch crunch crunch across the snow. Then all of a sudden “CAW! CAW!”—an eagle came swooping down! The little mouse ran crunchcrunchcrunchcrunchcrunch for his life. Finally, he hid in a hole in the ground and was safe. He cleared a little space, lit a candle, and prayed: “Dear Jesus, thank you that I am alive. Thank you for snow. Thank you even for the eagle. Amen.”

 Julian of Norwich would have found a kindred spirit in that brave and grateful mouse. He experienced a rough passage, was over-strained and uncomfortable, but he was not overcome.

If the mouse had let fear paralyze him, he would have been a sitting target, and the eagle would have overcome him. Instead the mouse ran to safety, and from his place of refuge, he could see the eagle not only as an instrument of potential destruction, but also as a beautiful creature sharing a glorious world.

What is hovering over you today? Can you run to a place of safety—a little space where you can light a candle and pray? Perhaps thankfulness for all things can help you see the unique beauty in your enemies, now that you are confident in Christ that you will not be overcome.

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3 Responses to "N-Never (The Mouse Who Was Not Overcome)"

  1. Kath Adams says:

    hmmm, unique beauty in “enemies”…
    I have experienced this a few times…appreciating the fact that now that I am away from said enemies, I can see the beauty that grew within ME from going through the experience…

    Nice way to think about it and to seal the forgiveness needed.

    • Tracey says:

      What you said about beauty growing in you because of the experience of dealing with an enemy is inspiring. It makes me think of that maxim “the best defense is a life well lived.”

  2. Hope Squires says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to thank God for the eagle. But I love your daughter’s story and the faith it reveals through its simplicity. Thanks for sharing it!


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