On Diet and Desire

Last weekend Greg and I visited my sister and her husband and kids. We were taken by surprise: Judy and Paul were not the same people they were when we last saw them five months ago. Motivated by Paul’s diabetes, they had chosen a radical new approach to eating. Both of them were noticeably thinner, and both seemed energetic and peaceful. Saturday night, they shared with us the story of their journey toward health.

Sunday morning, we went to church together.  The sermon happened to be on the topic of spiritual conversion—the act of converting from not following Christ to following him.

It occurred to me that I had just witnessed something of a parallel conversion in Judy and Paul’s commitment to eat healthfully. As they talked about it, they said they both decided to make it their hobby—researching, finding recipes, cooking. This is worth their time. It’s worth the extra work. It’s worth inconvenience and complication. The benefits? Feeling better, improved health, more stable blood sugar, trimmer bodies, and best of all: more energy!

Amazing to behold this reality: The reward of choosing good food is that its goodness becomes part of you. Physically, you’re as strong as the source of your strength.

After serving the bread and the wine Sunday morning, the pastor said: “The gifts of God for the people of God. Take them in remembrance that Christ died for you, and feed on him in your hearts.” Feed on him. Hmm.

The reward of choosing to feed on Christ is that his goodness becomes part of me. Spiritually, I’m as strong as the source of my strength.

The juxtaposition of a sermon about conversion  and a story about abandoning chips for chia seeds threw light on both experiences in my mind. I see both events as matters of the heart. Both are questions of desire, a re-ordering of desires toward purer sources of strength.

I’m inspired by the possibilities!


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4 Responses to "On Diet and Desire"

  1. Teri hyrkas says:

    Very nice parallel between eating to stay strong and healthy in a physical sense, and what we need to be aware of to achieve the same results a spiritual sense. Now to do it! There’s the rub. Love the picture and motto that accompany your blog entry., Tracey.

  2. Kath says:

    It really IS a choice. Each day offers a chance to make good choices in every area of our lives. Be sure not to condemn yourself if you “slip.”

    • Tracey says:

      Good point about not condemning ourselves when we slip. Focus on the next choice, right? Life is like a tennis match: the next opportunity is coming at you.


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