Raising Kids Who Are Fun to Live With

Have the joys of family life become buried under the distractions and activities of the daily grind? Come learn a positive approach that brings out the best in kids and increases parenting satisfaction. 50 minutes plus optional 15-minute activity

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

Every day is a day worth living. Even the difficult days. Even the boring days. What would it take for you to greet each day with joyful anticipation? This presentation offers a dozen fresh-brewed ideas to perk up your soul and revitalize your spirit. Life is a latte. Come learn how to savor it!  50 minutes

Parenting (or Grandparenting) with Love and a Journal

Keeping a journal for each child can help you Affirm your child’s uniqueness as a child of God, Bond with your child, Celebrate and encourage character growth, Document milestones in your child’s spiritual journey, and Establish a family legacy. 45 minutes plus optional 15-minute activity

Weaving Wisdom, Wit, and Wonder into the Fabric of Your Life

Brighten the quality of ordinary days by adding touchstones of brilliance and beauty to your surroundings and, more significantly, to the fabric of your thoughts. Learn practical strategies for lifting your thoughts and maintaining mental poise. 40 minutes

Teaching Children to Memorize Poetry and Scripture

Kids love to collect things. Show them how to collect wisdom and wit by memorizing poems, Scripture verses, or inspirational quotations. This workshop will introduce you to a system that’s fun and portable, so you can take your memory work along on family adventures to make use of “down time.” 50 minutes