What Happened to my House while I was Shopping

The day after Thanksgiving, I went shopping with my sister, my sister-in-law, and my oldest daughter. When we came home there was a skull-and-crossbones flag flapping over our front door.

 A pirate in the shape of my brother-in-law cracked opened the door and quickly pulled us into the house, saying the ship was under attack. That must have been the reason my daughter Britta, dressed as Dorothy Dreadlock, was “shooting” off the canon in the front hallway. We were rushed to safety in the dining room and seated along the far side of the table.

 There we learned that we had been recruited to be judges in a Caribbean Cook-Off. The gold coins in front of us were for casting votes.

All the people who used to be our husbands and children and even my 86-year-old father were introduced to us as members of the two bands of culinary pirates competing for our votes. My mom joined us as part of the judges panel.

First the Silver Team served us crab cakes on silver paper plates. Then the Gold Team served us Caribbean Quesadillas on gold paper plates. I voted for the crab cakes.

Round 2: Caribbean Slaw from the Silver Team; Cream of Jamaican Spinach Soup from the Gold Team. The slaw got my vote. I loved the cilantro.

Between courses we were well entertained. My neice, Emily Sather, emceed commercial breaks and interviews with the various pirates. Here she’s inteviewing Ivan the Terrible, my erstwhile son-in-law Ben.

Round 3: Trinidad Stewed Chicken on silver plates; Crayfish and Shrimp Etouffe on gold. Oh my goodness, the etouffe was out of this world. I gave it all the gold coin votes I had left. Dessert was a joint effort—pina colada sorbet. Yum! Even Mom–the toughest judge on our panel–approved!  My family is crazy, and I LOVE THEM FOR IT:)

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  1. Hope Squires says:

    What a wonderful way to wrap up Black Friday shopping. I love the creativity, and now I’m hungry for Caribbean food. Thanks for sharing this story with us!


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